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About Us

About Us

We strive to be a company that cultivates, inspires and connects producers and consumers in order to positively impact the food sovereignty of our unceded first nations territory through education and accessibility of season extension resources.

Greenhouses with roof ventilation for commercial farm
Agricultural solutions

Quality Farm Supplies For Atlantic Canada’s Finest

Quality Farm Supplies For Atlantic Canada’s Finest

Discover trusted tools and expert guidance for your thriving agricultural journey.

  • Locally-sourced, durable farming equipment.

  • Knowledgeable team with hands-on experience.

  • Enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Passionate founder

Dave’s Journey: Passionate Farming Advocate

Dave’s Journey: Passionate Farming Advocate

Empowering Atlantic Canada’s local growers and food enthusiasts, Dave’s lifelong commitment to the farming community has fostered a vibrant, sustainable food system. Through his experiences managing a CSA program and owning Kredl’s Corner Market, Dave has gained invaluable insights into the unique needs of Atlantic Canada’s agriculture sector. Wolpin Enterprises is a testament to his dedication, bridging the gap between producers and consumers while driving positive change in the region.

Meet our amazing partners

We only partner with the best

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Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a list of the most frequently asked (general) questions. We have product specific FAQs on each respective product page.

How does the shipping & delivery work?2023-04-29T16:21:21-03:00

Wolpin Enterprises can deliver anywhere in Atlantic Canada. Over the years we have developed a network of truckers and shipping contacts that service our area. If you need to get something somewhere in Atlantic Canada, we can make it happen as quickly and affordably as possible.

Where does Wolpin Enterprises source their products?2023-04-29T16:21:57-03:00

We source products from a range of suppliers and work hard to find you the best quality items at the best prices. We support local manufacturers wherever we can and also have reputable suppliers in China that offer very competitive prices for high quality fabrics. Let us know your preferences!

Do you sell custom structures?2023-04-29T16:22:21-03:00

Yes! We work with our customers to help realize their custom structure dreams! In partnership with local NB manufacturer and mechanical design team at ARCD Fabrication we can work with you to design and deliver a custom structure to meet your needs.

What is the business doing to mitigate its environmental impact?2023-04-29T16:22:47-03:00

We are working really hard to collaborate with farmers and innovators to come up with viable solutions for reducing the carbon emissions associated with farming. Through our work with Climate Battery technology, we are helping our customers transition to renewably powered production, decreasing agricultural emissions, while maintaining production.

How does the order process work?2023-04-29T16:23:45-03:00

Scenario A: Structures

  1. Customer calls/emails wanting to buy a structure
  2. Consultation with WE to discuss what type of structure they are looking for, what they will be using it for, any other supplies they need, their geographic location, installation plan, and any budget constraints
  3. WE build a quote based on customer’s specific needs, sourcing best prices from suppliers & manufacturers
  4. Customer reviews and approves quote, or consults further to make changes
  5. Admin sends invoice, and plans for delivery.
  6. Production is between 2-8 weeks depending on structure
  7. Product is delivered 

Scenario B: Dubois products

  1. Customer calls/emails asking for 10 specific Dubois products
  2. Consultation with WE to discuss what they are looking for and their intended use.
  3. WE suggest 5 of those products at a better price from an alternate company, and are a better substitute. 
  4. WE builds a quote with Dubois and alternate products for customer to review.
  5. Customer reviews and approves quote, or consults further to make changes.
  6. WE lets customer know there is a truck loading next week, and order can be processed for this shipment to save on delivery costs.
  7. Customer approves, and WE sends invoice

Real-life results

We Generate Results for Our Customers

We generate results for our customers

“Wolpin Enterprises is the best! I always call them first when I need greenhouse and general market gardening supplies. The combination of excellent service, selection and prices makes for an unbeatable offering to Maritime farmers.”

David Greenberg, Abundant Acres Farm

“Wolpin Enterprises supported and enabled me to complete an innovative greenhouse project by helping with materials and parts sourcing and delivery which I would not have been able to access otherwise. The service provided by Wolpin Enterprises is unique in that they have a rapport with multiple agricultural suppliers and can access a wide range of materials and supplies and are reliable and timely in their communications and delivery.”

“Dave and his team have been an invaluable asset to us since starting our farm. They are always readily available to answer all of our questions or any problems that may arise. Dave is incredibly knowledgeable on all his products and his expertise in the field has helped us succeed as a new small business. We look forward to working with him as our business expands.”

“The team at Wolpin Enterprises takes good care to review order details and suggest the best options for their customers. Great service.”


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