Agricultural Fabrics

Agricultural Fabrics

Farming in Atlantic Canada is as diverse as its climate, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for growers. To help farmers in this region succeed, Wolpin Enterprises provides a wide range of agricultural fabrics designed to protect crops, boost yields, and extend the growing season.

Row Covers

Extend Your Growing Season and Protect Your Crops

About Row Covers

Floating row covers are low cost and durable thermal blankets for your crops. They are made of multiple layered fleece fabrics adhered together to obtain the desired thickness for your intended purpose. They are absolutely critical for extending the growing season here in Atlantic Canada. Talk to us about what you’re growing and what you want to accomplish and we can get you the right row cover to achieve your goals.

When used effectively of row cover can:

  • Prevent frost damage

  • Protect from insects

  • Improve growth & yield

  • Farm field with hoop house and crops under row cover with sand bags
  • Farm field with crops under row cover

Row covers are classified by their density (in g/m²)
Compare different densities of row cover:

P-19: 19 g/m² P-22: 22 g/m² CP-30: 30 g/m²
Weight Standard weight Medium weight Highest weight
Light transmission 85% 79% 70%
Frost protection 1-2⁰C 1-2⁰C+ 2-4⁰C

Insect & Bird Netting

Keep Pests at Bay

Landscape fabric

Suppress Weeds and Improve Soil Health

About Landscape Fabrics

Do you want to decrease your weeding labour by 95% for the rest of your farming career? Landscape fabric is the product of choice for farms that wish to control weeds without the use of herbicides or single-use plastic film. It is a durable and non biodegradable woven polypropylene geotextile stabilized to resist degradation due to ultraviolet light and soil exposure and lasts for a minimum of 5 years and usually plenty longer. We also supply 6 inch steel sod staples for fastening your fabric to the ground. If you’re laying lots of fabric, it can be very economical to use one of our Staple Wasp staple guns.

Why choose landscape fabric?

  • Excellent mulch for crops

  • Increases soil temperature

  • Effective weed suppression

  • Flat field with seedlings planted into landscape fabric
  • spinach plant through landscape fabric
  • Lettuce plant in landscape fabric
  • farm with hoop houses and landscape fabric under crops

Landscape Fabric Product Specs

Product Spec Information
Width 3’, 4’, 6’, 10’, 12’, and 15’
Length 300’
Density 100gsm
Colours Black, white

Deer Fencing

Protect Your Crops from Wildlife

About Deer fencing

There is nothing worse than watching a crop you have nurtured to maturity disappear right when you are about to harvest. Here in Atlantic Canada, deer can be the primary culprits when it comes to wildlife pressure. We have a solution that is simple, effective, affordable and long lasting. When used in conjunction with T- posts you can create an effective physical barrier around your farm that can last for 10 seasons with minimal maintenance.

Our deer fencing is made of a super durable uv stabilized black polypropylene 35 x 50 mm mesh with a weight of 140 grams per square metre. The rolls are over 8 ft wide and 328 ft long, triple reinforced on the bottom.

  • Hand through fencing in field garden
  • Field garden with crops and fencing with t posts

Deer Fencing Product Specs

Product Spec Information
Mesh Size 35mm x 50mm
Size 8’ x 328’
Density 140gsm
Material Durable UV stabilized black polypropylene with triple reinforced bottom

Trellis Netting

Support Climbing Plants and Maximize Space

About Trellis Netting

Ideal trellis material for flowers and climbing vegetables like peas and cucumbers with a 6 x 6 inch mesh design maximizes plant support while keeping the material light and easily handled. It comes in 4 or 6 ft widths depending on your production spacing and/or height requirements.

Trellis Netting Product Specs

Product Spec Information
Mesh Size 6” x 6”
Width 4’ or 6’
Material White UV stabilized polypropylene

Other Fabrics

Do you have a unique need for a particular agricultural fabric? Give us a shout. We can source the material that suits your needs.

Shade Cloth: Regulate Light and Temperature

Shade cloth is an essential tool for controlling light and temperature in your growing environment. It can be used in greenhouses, nurseries, and outdoor gardens to reduce sunlight intensity, lower temperatures, and prevent plant stress. Wolpin Enterprises offers shade cloth in different densities and sizes to suit your specific light control requirements.

Silage Tarps: Preserve Your Feed and Reduce Waste

Silage tarps are a cost-effective and efficient way to preserve your feed while minimizing spoilage and waste. These durable, UV-resistant tarps help create an anaerobic environment, promoting the fermentation process and maintaining the nutritional value of your stored feed. Choose from our selection of silage tarps in various sizes and materials to find the perfect fit for your feed storage needs.

Sand Bags: Stabilize and Secure Your Agricultural Fabrics

Sandbags are a practical solution for anchoring and stabilizing your agricultural fabrics, such as row covers, shade cloth, and silage tarps. These heavy-duty bags can be filled with sand or other materials and placed strategically to hold your fabrics in place during strong winds or heavy rains. Wolpin Enterprises offers a variety of sandbag options to ensure your agricultural fabrics stay secure and perform their intended function.

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