Farming Tools & Accessories

Farming Tools & Accessories

If you need something that will help your farm thrive, give us a shout. Even if it’s something we don’t have in stock, we can likely supply you with a high quality and affordable solution.

person holding green plant on black plastic pot

Plug trays

If you prefer affordability over durability we have standard plug trays in 50, 72, 98 and 128 cell configurations. If you value durability above all we can source winstrip trays in 50, 72, and 128 cell configurations. These trays are the most durable on the market, and produce very healthy seedlings with minimal transplant shock due to its shape that allows for air pruning of seedling roots.

Irrigation supplies

If you are hoping to design an irrigation system that meets your specific needs, we can help. Sprinklers, drip emitters/tape, valves, pipe… we can source it all to your specifications and talk you through assembly.

overhead sprinkler irrigation in hoop house
t post fencing

T post & U post

T posts and U posts are heavy duty lengths of steel that have many uses on a farm. Whether it’s fencing, crop support, or hoop house/cold frame structural additions, t post can provide a strong and long lasting solution.

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