Cold Frames & Greenhouses

Discover our robust cold frames tailored for Atlantic Canadian winters, offering customization and advanced climate control for year-round growing

Manufactured By Wolpin Enterprises In Hampton, New Brunswick

About Product

Cold frames are permanent greenhouse structures built to keep you growing all season long. They are relatively simple to assemble, are highly customizable to fit your needs and are designed with Atlantic Canadian winters in mind. Not only are they significantly more structurally sound, they come with many more options to create an ideal growing climate. These options include:

  • Double layer inflated poly greenhouse covering or full polycarbonate covering

  • Manual or automatic roll up sides for ventilation

  • Twin wall polycarbonate or poly single or double door endwall kits

  • Multiple endwall ventilation options

  • Polycarbonate knee wall kits

  • Horizontal airflow fans

  • Manufactured By Wolpin Enterprises In Hampton, New Brunswick

Product Specs

Product Spec Information
Standard widths 20’ and 24’
Standard arch spacing 4’
Height at peak 20’ width – 10’ peak, 24’ width – 10.5’ peak
Frame 1”x3” steel ridge and anchor beams, 3 piece 1”x3” steel arches
Anchors 15 mil rebar anchors every 4 ft, Angled rebar anchors on every corner
Average price $8-$12/ square foot
Purlin Collar ties, wind bracing, shoulder purlin

*Prices are based on 6’ spacing. 5’ spacing is recommended in windy areas.
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