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Simple ground-to-air heat transfer technology to capture and store heat and support frost-free crop production throughout the whole year. We are the only supplier of this innovative, renewable, and effective form of season extension in all of Atlantic Canada.

Innovative technology

How the Climate Battery Works

How The Climate Battery Works

Climate battery technology is also known as ground-to-air heat transfer or low grade geothermal technology. Here in Atlantic Canada, climate batteries have the ability to allow farmers to grow almost continuously all year long – frost-free!

Standard Greenhouse:

Take excess heat naturally generated by the greenhouse effect (the sun), and exhaust it out of the growing area (the inside of the greenhouse).

Climate Battery Greenhouse:

Uses thermostatically controlled fans and a buried network of solid and perforated pipe to force the excess hot air to radiate into the soil under the greenhouse which acts as a thermal battery, storing the heat for later use. When temperatures in the greenhouse drop during cold weather, the thermostatically controlled fans turn on again, drawing banked heat in the soil back up into the growing area.

Save money, decrease emissions

Why Heat with a Climate Battery?

Why Heat with a Climate Battery?

  • Inexpensive heating costs: typical cost to operate a climate battery is ⅓ of the cost involved in operating an equivalent propane furnace.

  • Significant Season extension: increase your viable production season by at least 3 months. Winter greens can be harvested from December to March. Tomatoes can hit peak production over 1 month early, getting you those big money invoices.

  • Labour Efficiency: reduce the need for floating row covers which means significantly less time spent covering and uncovering crops throughout the winter season. Maintain customer relationships and dependency and also makes year-round on-farm employment viable.

  • Decreased greenhouse gas emissions: By electrifying greenhouse heating, climate batteries lead the way for renewable sources of energy to fuel crop production. In other words, you can hook this all up to an on-farm solar power system in the future.

Our Climate Battery Partners

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Tim Clymer, Threefold farm and Atmos Greenhouse Solutions


Key Innovator and designer of commercial climate battery systems. Through research with Penn State University Mechanical Engineering department, Tim and his team have improved and perfected their climate battery design to maximize effectiveness and minimize heating costs. When you purchase a climate battery system through us, you receive one on one consultation time with Atmos, engineered drawings, and access to Atmos’s detailed plans and future research and optimization.

Brian Huntley, Maritime Greenhouse Connections


Brian started Maritime Greenhouse Connections in 2020. He brings a lifetime of farm building experience to the table and is one of the most experienced greenhouse and climate battery installers in all of Atlantic Canada. If you want your build to be done right, Maritime Greenhouse Connections is who you should call.

Jen and Dave Greenberg, Abundant Acres Farm


Pioneers of climate battery technology here in Atlantic Canada, Abundant Acres installed two climate battery greenhouses on their commercial vegetable farm in Nova Scotia between 2017-2020. Jen and Dave have been instrumental in promoting the adoption of this technology across Atlantic Canada and have been collaborating with Wolpin Enterprises since the beginning.

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